BAMF Pre Workout - Bucked Up (30 srvs)

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Focus is more often than not a really overlooked part of your training regime. It can be the determining factor between results or spinning your wheels in the gym. This is where BAMF comes in. Unlike any other pre workout, BAMF is a combination of nootropic and pre workout. It has all your favorite components of a pre, energy, endurance and pump but then it offers more. Utilizing 3 main ingredients, BAMF is formulated to take your focus to another realm. Say goodbye to all of those distractions and zone into those goals like your life depends on it.

Some days your brain feels worse than a lethargic Wi-Fi signal. You drag yourself into the gym, still relling over assignments, deadlines and day to day stress. It can be an absolute battle to get any form of decent workout done. Not anymore. Allow BAMF to open your mind and put your brain back on your team. With ingredients like Hordenine for prescription level focus, AlphaSize for mental sharpness, and Huperzine-A accelerates memory recall, success will be your destiny.

Any elite performance is an outcome of your brain melding with its synapses so they’re firing synergistically, ensuring your body lifts the amount you want it to, when you want it to.

Feel the benefits for yourself with BAMF:

  • Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • PUMP
  • Hydration

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