OxyShred Thermogenic - EHP Labs (60 srvs)

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OxyShred provides your metabolism with the kick-start it needs! Accelerating fat loss and melting those stubborn pounds away has never been easier with EHP Labs, Oxyshred.

Regarded internationally as one of the most powerful fat burners on the market, EHP Labs uses a scientifically researched formula.

The benefits?

  • Increased Energy + Mood
  • No Artificial Flavoring or Coloring
  • Extreme Fat Burning Formula
  • Laser-Sharp Focus
  • Health + Immune Support
  • Suppress Cravings

OxyShred ticks all the boxes for any person looking to take a fat burner that does more than just burn fat.

EHP Labs, OxyShred contains a powerhouse patented thermogenic ingredient called Advantra Z, which also goes by the name Bitter Orange Fruit Extract. Advantra Z is a Beta 3 Adrenergic Amine– this means that it helps stimulate your body’s fat-burning receptor cells and enhances natural energy –– this can all be accomplished without placing additional stress on the heart and/or increasing your heart rate.

Usage: you can use the formula in full or half servings depending on your tolerance + the time of day you choose to take it.

 Verified Reviews


"Oxyshred is the best fat burner I’ve ever used, it’s been a massive help to me in my weight loss journey and is a great help to me in my bulking journey too. Gives me all the energy to get through every workout and keeps me fuelled!!"


"I love how Oxyshred does not make me jitter or give you that itchy weird feeling when drinking other pre-workout. It works perfectly for me and makes me push just that much harder when I'm exercising! It's simply the BEST and nothing better out there, give it a go if you need that kick at the gym to keep you going!"

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