Overtraining Solution - Ambrosia Collective (40 srvs)

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Intense training is a must when it comes to having the best strength and physique. However, while pushing yourself harder than ever before, this can be a lot of pressure on your immune system. And in fact, not only your immune system but your capacity to recover. This will leave you with depleted energy in between sets and a much higher risk of falling ill.

Overtraining solution is your one stop shop for immune system recovery to have you consistently training harder than ever. Ambrosia Collective's Recovery Fraction Peptides are specially created to provide an optimal balance between Proline Rich Peptides and Immunoglobulins. This allows Overtraining Solution to optimize your Immune System Recovery, as well as, your muscle recovery and protein synthesis response to weight training. This can help you remain healthier, develop lean muscle, and recover faster from intense workouts.

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