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bioPUMP'D Pre Workout - Global Formulas (30 srvs)

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Isn’t that what it’s all about? You head to the gym, get a few sets in, and start your flexing “routine,” hoping to see veins popping and muscles engorged. We all want that sense of blood rushing through our veins and filling up our muscles. The problem is, you read the hype about all the products promising the “best pumps of your life,” and the sad truth is, most, if not all, fall painfully short. If you’ve tried any Global Formulas product, you know we don’t mess around when it comes to formulating the most potent products on the market, and bioPUMP’D is another amazing example of what we’re all about.


How many times have you read company A or B claim they make the best products because they don’t use “proprietary” blends, and they list all their ingredients individually? Lately, it’s all the time. Sounds great, right? Well…not so fast. It’s one thing to list ingredients individually, and quite another to actually dose those ingredients correctly! Taking advantage of a consumer’s lack of knowledge of correct “minimal” dosing is even worse than prop blends! You see, every ingredient has a minimal dosage to elicit a certain effect; if the dosage is less, you may as well not include it in the first place…. but as we all know in the marketing game-it’s there for “show.” Consumers will recognize an ingredient and immediately think the product is legit…until they’ve spent their money and realized the opposite once they hit the gym. bioPUMP’D set an unmatched standard in the industry. EVERY ingredient is dosed for maximum reaction within the body….and all this in a SINGLE SCOOP SERVING. 

Increased Vascularity/Nitric Oxide Citrulline Malate 9:1– 10 grams per scoop! 

Citrulline Malate is considered one of the most powerful ingredients for increasing pump (vasodilation), muscular endurance, and preventing lactic acid, all leading to increased strength and performance. Here’s where it gets tricky. Citrulline Malate is 1-part Citrulline to 1-part Malic Acid, so, if the label of your current product tells you it has 6 grams of Citrulline Malte, technically, you are only getting 3 grams of actual Citrulline! Yes, we know, sketchy. If it reads Citrulline Malate 2:1, that’s 2 parts Citrulline to 1-part Malic Acid, etc, so that would yield 4 grams in a 6-gram serving. You get the drift. bioPUMP’D utilizes a 7:1 Citrulline Malate, at 8 grams per scoop (yes, PER single scoop). This yields a full 7 grams of Citrulline, giving you the most amazing pump and muscular endurance you will ever experience!