KEYZ Amino Acids - Black Magic Supply (30 srvs)

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The ultimate recovery formula has landed from Black Magic Supply – Keyz EAA.

Unlock the top tier formula for muscle replenishment, hydration and recovery. These handcrafted EAAs will aid in conquering the most fearsome workouts imaginable.

Enhance your endurance with quality antioxidants, coconut water and electrolytes.
Experience the super natural recovery with Black Magic Supply’s Essential Amino Acid/ Branch Chain Amino Acid blend.

See for yourself the ability to train harder, work longer and master your skill and training.
Train harder and recover better.

Featuring, 8 000mg of EAA/BCAA’s, 750mg of L-Tauring, 500mg of coconut water powder, 100mg of Spectra Orac blend and 25mg of Astragin.

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