Wand (Libido Matrix) - Black Magic Supply (20 caps)

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Searching for a legendary and potent love spell with no the negative side effects?

Are you looking to up your performance and stamina with your partner?

Black Magic Supply have been hard at work for the product for you then, add a little spark to your wand with Wand Libido Matrix!

Designed and crafted to drastically improve your Libido without the frustrating headaches!

Wand is totally, 100% made from natural ingredients, but don’t let that make you think it isn’t super potent. Wand is the safest and one of the strongest libido enhancers that there is on the market.

Our Matrix is improved with the most researched natural ingredients there is! But we couldn’t stop there, no BMS product could be finished without a little Black magic in there itself.

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