Liver Detox - Code Red (15-Day)

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Are you trying to kick start your health and fitness journey or get back on track after some time off? Or maybe you’ve just been on holidays and done some partying. Fitness starts from the inside out and a great place to begin is with your liver.

What's so important about the liver & why should I detox?

The liver is one of the biggest, and most important organs in your body and is responsible for up to five hundred essential functions. Improved detoxification is needed for the liver to ensure toxins are removed from the body, such as:

  • Bacteria, fungi, viruses & parasites – Micro-organisms
  • Toxins such as alcohol & chemical substances
  • Drugs and powerful medicines

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “What should I do to look after my liver?”
Introducing: Musclewerks, Code Red.

Code Red is the latest fully-dosed liver cleansing & detoxification product available on the market. This clinically tested MIC (Methionine + Inositol + Choline) lipotropic compound will aid the gentle removal of unwanted toxins and fats, consequently lowering the load on your liver and enhancing its functions.

Coming in a container with 15 convenient sachets, this 15 day detox will have you feeling better than ever afterwards. Your liver will be refreshed and renewed ready to smash out some fitness goals!

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