DFine8 Thermogenic - Musclewerks (65 Srvs)

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D-Fine8 is a revolutionary and potent thermogenic fat burner formulated to offer the ultimate supply of smooth, continual, crash-free and natural energy, an enhanced mood, laser focus, boosted cognitive function, and reduced appetite. This game-changing formula will cover all bases through improving your physical performance and endurance in the gym, while simultaneously reducing those unwanted cravings in the kitchen!

D-Fine8 contains Paradoxine, which is a non-stimulant herbal fat loss ingredient widely-known and utilized due to its ability to trigger thermogenesis and promote a faster metabolism. Paradoxine targets brown body fat and is shown to increase your calories burnt by up to 400%, without increasing your heart rate.

Not only does D-Fine8 have three varying forms of caffeine release to offer sustained and long-lasting energy without the crash, but the formula also contains Synephrine to ensure a smooth and levelled out energy supply. Not to mention, the additional Vitamin B6 added to the formula will also help your body convert food into energy, while simultaneously supporting your metabolism.

There is a reason this formula has been around for so long and beloved by so many.

From the delicious flavors to increased fat burning and cognitive function – Define8 is a fat burner that is loved by all.

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