Evaporate Water-Loss Agent - Blackstone Labs (60 caps)

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If your goal is to lose a little bit of weight, this can usually be achieved by some small dietary changes and an increase in exercise. However, getting utterly shredded is a whole other ballgame.

Eating less and moving more usually isn’t enough to get into the low body fat percentages. For that, you would need to take control of every last milligram of food, water, and salt. And unfortunately, even then a lot of factors contribute to being stage ready.

If you are trying to reach the next level of shredded, you need Evaporate!

Evaporate is a competition-strength water diuretic supplement that has been scientifically created to aid getting rid of excess water out of the body.

This is not a product for the faint hearted and since it is so potent it is not recommended for prolonged use.

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