Fade Out - Redcon1 (30 Servings)

by Redcon1
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Recovery is often such an over looked part of your training regime. You don’t build muscle while you are in the gym you build muscle in your recovery phases. So how can you ensure you are ticking all the boxes? Well the crux of recovery is a good nights sleep.

But we understand that again, that isn’t always easy to achieve – no matter how badly we may want a restful night’s sleep.

Luckily Redcon1 have come to us with the solution, recovery better than ever and revel in a peaceful night’s sleep with Fade Out.

The name says it all, fade to black and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to dominate at life. Having a deep and quality sleep really related to so much more than just your muscle recovery. Both your mental and physical health see drastic improvements when you are giving your body everything it needs to properly reset and recharge.

Some people can’t function off of less than 8 hours sleep and some people are go-go-go off of 4 hours. No matter how long you are knocking out for, have the peace of mind that the sleep you’re getting is of top-tier quality.

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