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Glycolog - Blackstone Labs (180 caps)

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The topic of carbs divides much of the fitness community. Most people think of carbohydrates as the macro nutrient that just makes you fat. That carbs are the perpetrator for anyone that is trying to lose weight but just cant.

And funnily enough the main people who think this way are mainstream fitness people and soccer mums, people who arguably need carbs most.

Well what if we told you, that you can enjoy carbs AND still get lean with some serious gains. Blackstone Labs, Glycolog, is what you are in need of.

Glycolog acts as a car to drive carbs straight into your muscles, allowing you to get more out of your food, push harder in your workouts and maximise those gains. Carbs increase your body’s insulin, the storage hormone, but now have the carbs fuel your muscle rather than adipose tissue. And this means there is no need to be carb deprived anymore.