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Multivitamins came about in 1943 and ever since then they have been a thoroughly researched product.
Scientists have been trying to formulate the perfect product that would be ideal for the general population and athletes alike. Hi-Tech have cracked the code with what they consider to be the most optimal multi-vitamin for everyone, regardless if you do or don’t exercise.
Introducing, Musclevite. This is the latest addition to the ever-growing market of products for muscle recovery. This high potency and high performance multivitamin ticks all of the boxes. It contains all clinical doses of your essential daily vitamins as well as essential recovery ingredients. Not only that, but, it contains Beta Alanine and Carnitine to aid in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.
Beta-alanine has shown in scientific studies to aid in the production of carnosine that our bodies turn to for additional fuel during times of high energy and high stress exercise. Musclevite contains the proper amounts of beta-alanine that produces Carnosine by helping reduce the by-product build-up of energy expenditure; lactic acid.
Musclevite is the catalyst to allow your body to focus on recovery after long and gruelling training sessions. It also serves as an anti-oxidant and allows our bodies the optimum ability to fully recover immediately preceding and for days to come after long and gruelling cardio and anaerobic training.

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