Tribesterone - Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals (60 Tablets)

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At Hi-Tech they have taken a well-loved testosterone boosting ingredients and have manufactured the latest and greatest in testosterone support supplements.
Introducing, Tribesterone.

Tribesterone® contains the clinically tested and trialled ingredient Tribulus Terrestris, this aids to increase free testosterone levels in adult males. Hi-Tech’s research and development team has tested many different forms of Tribulus raw materials and Hi-Tech resided on a 60% furostanol saponins with a minimum of 40% protodioscin. A much more potent mixture than many other testosterone boosters.

Feel the difference of increased muscle mass, improved LH, testosterone response and improved erectile ability.

Tribesterone® has shown to improve erectile abilities in isolated tissues in conjunction with elevating mood. It has shown to increase the attention of androgen receptors, causing a surge in sensitivity to androgens like testosterone and DHT through a disperse of nitric oxide. There is also significant increases in the levels of the hormones - testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) meaning more muscle growth and strength faster than ever before.

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