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L-Glutamine is a natural, pure, free-form 100% product that is third-party tested and contains no additives, fillers or excipients. 

Over 60% of the skeletal muscle is made up of Glutamine, which is the most plentiful amino acid in your body. Taking L-Glutamine can support your new muscle growth and enhance your recovery.

Glutamine is one of the fundamental pathways for making proteins in the body and is also critical in making other amino acids and glucose. Supplements like L-Glutamine may help improve gut function, immune function and other functions that may cause your body to use more glutamine.

On top of its substantial recovery benefits, L-Glutamine can also improve the function of your immune system, support your brain health and promote the growth of your muscles.

Made with the highest quality ingredients, L-Glutamine can be taken after you’ve finished a session at the gym, or it can be mixed with your protein shake to double down on its restorative benefits.

Why you need L-Glutamine:

  • Can improve immune health 
  • May support brain health 
  • Can promote muscle growth 
  • Assists in recovery from exercise

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