MRE Lite

by Redcon1

While the MRE meal replacement is internationally loved by so many, it is a high calorie solution for people who struggle to get all their food in. However, now Redcon1 has brought to you a low calorie solution with all the same high quality ingredients and goodness!

MRE Lite! This meal replacement powder offers all of the same whole food sources as the original MRE formula but with minimal carbs. It is ideal for any person looking to lose weight and who is keeping a watchful eye on their macro nutrients. So if calories are limited for you at the moment, there is no reason you should have to skimp on the quality of food you are consuming. MRE Lite was formulated on the concept that everyone should have access to a delicious tasting, whole foods meal that will aid to replenish your body and have it fuelled to its peak.

MRE Lite has no whey protein in it, allowing for ease of digestion. In its place, you’ll get beef, salmon, egg, and chicken protein. As well as, the nourishing perks of brown rice protein, pea protein and MCT oil. Each serving contains only 134 calories with 24g of protein and just 2g of sugar.

See for yourself why MRE Lite has easily become one of the most well loved, low calorie meal replacement shakes on the market.

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