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The ultimate fuel you can ever give your body is natural whole foods. There really is no comparison, but Redcon1 have created a formula to provide so closely the next best thing. Introducing, MRE.

The name originating from the military where “MRE” is the food rations that soldiers are given that are specifically formulated with all the nutrients they need to survive out on a mission and effectively fuel their body’s. Redcon1 have now created the most convenient way ever to get your whole foods in from the most quality ingredients so you can refuel and recover faster and better than ever before. Fast food is no longer the easy way out thanks to MRE meal replacement.

This prestigious blend ticks all of the boxes with a protein blend consisting of: beef protein blend, salmon protein, chicken protein, egg protein, brown rice protein and pea protein (this formula also contains no whey!). A carbohydrate blend consisting of: Rolled oats, yams and sweet potato, as well as added MCT oil for energy.

It has never been easier or more convenient to give your body all the nutrients it is hungry for.

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