NAD3® - NAD Booster - HPN (Niagen, 60 Caps)

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The research has been proven continuously and it is very clear, nicotinamide riboside is very effective. However what if we were to tell you that it is not the best cell health product on the market?

The next phase of NAD products is here. High Performance Nutrition have formulated the revolutionary NAD3.

NAD3 is surpassed the typical science of NR and has changed the way we look at anti-aging and longevity. It contains all the key attributes for cell health: NAD levels, Sirtuin Activity, Telomerase function, and inflammation reduction.

There is no debating that enhancing NAD+ levels provides an array of health benefits such as better cognitive function, memory, higher quality sleep, increased energy, and a faster metabolism. But HPN was yet to find a single NAD product that took into consideration the following – inflammation.

What is the use in having more energy if your body is too sore to utilize that energy?

NAD3 corrects this problem, naturally. NAD3 suppresses the NLRP3 gene, a protein known to cause inflammation. By suppressing it, NAD3 helps prevent and protect your body from this issue. If you've had an NAD+ booster in the past, now is the time to try.

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