Beta Alanine - Nutrakey (100 srvs)

If you have ever tried a pre workout that gave you that “tingling” feeling, then you know what this product is. Beta Alanine is a commonly supplemented ingredient that aids in a whole array of exercise benefits. It is a non-essential amino acid that is proven to prolong endurance by buffering lactic acid through increasing your carnosine levels.
Carnosine prevents the body from having a build-up in hydrogen ions, which is the forerunner to lactic acid. And this typically takes place in times of high intensity training. When high levels of hydrogen are within your cells, your pH levels will tend to drop – thus making your body quite acidic. To combat this - your body will begin to produce lactic acid, as a way to help remove the hydrogen and return to its natural pH level.
When your body has too much hydrogen present and acidic levels begin to increase you will find you are much more prone to exhaustion and to fatigue quickly.
Therefore by supplementing with Beta Alanine, feel the difference of being able to train harder for longer. Prevent the lactic acid build up and take your training to the next level where you can quite literally run the extra mile.

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