Caffeine - Nutrakey (100 Capsules)

Caffeine is so much more than just what a cup of coffee has within it. Caffeine is a proven ingredient to aid with increasing, strength, endurance, focus, power and delaying fatigue. It occurs naturally in over 60 different plants and is so widely renowned as the most used stimulant in the world.
The reason it is so popular is due to the fact that it is so fast acting on the nervous system. This in addition helps support an increase in metabolic function and reducing body fat.
One of the main effects of caffeine intake is lipolysis. What this means is that your body will begin to priorities burning fat as your main source of energy. Instead of using up all of your glycogen right away – glycogen is the primary energy source in the body, caffeine works to hold onto muscle glycogen for as long as possible, and instead, rallies stored fat for energy output in what’s known as a “glycogen-sparing effect”.
Coming in a convenient capsule form, Nutrakey has the perfect clean energy ready to go for you. Now you can get that energy hit whenever you need without the worry of having to choke down any beverages.

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