CLA 1250 - Nutrakey (90 Capsules)

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CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a popular fatty acid that is naturally occurring in many foods. Commonly found in items such as; meats, dairy ad some forms of plants. CLA is most popularly used to help people lose fat in a few different ways. In supplementing with CLA you are aid in the body to utilize fat more efficiently as a form of energy. CLA 1250 aids to stop fat from being stores in your cells and in turn, increases the chances of greater levels of fat loss.
There are many studied trials that have proven the effectiveness of CLA in reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle. CLA if a form of adjusted Omegs-6 essential fatty acid. These essential fatty acids can be found in food such as; avocados, eggs and grass-fed beef.
Aid in supporting your composition and helping your body get more use out of fats without having to add in all of the extra unnecessary calories.

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