PA(7) - mTOR Elevation - Nutrient Partitioning (120 Caps)

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High Performance Nutrition comes to you again with yet another product that you won’t be able to live without. If you are on the never ending journey for strength and muscles but feel like everyone seems to have a one up on you, then this is a product for you. Introducing PA(7). This is HPN’s greatest muscle building supplement, targeted to help you maximise on all muscle growth.

PA(7) has undergone many human clinical trials and have proven continually an increase in muscle growth with no hormonal abuse or side-effects. It has been manufactured from phosphatidic acid, a cutting-edge ingredient found from the intricate framework of plant biology. Phosphatidic acid stimulates the motor pathway in the body which aids in boosting muscle protein synthesis.

Hormonal supplements can wreak so much havoc on your body and create long term issues down the track – use a supplement that has proven results and is 100% natural PA(7).

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