Pandamic Pre Workout - Panda Supplements (25 srvs)

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Pandamic Extreme Pre-Workout uses an array of dynamic ingredients to create a formula designed for destruction in the gym!

This ultimate formula combines Alpha-GPC that can help to revive those cognitive functions, using its mental and stimulating properties to deliver the hard-hitting impulse and focus that will help you succeed at the gym.

A careful dose of L-Citrulline Malate works to improve your blood flow, help eliminate toxins and may enhance athletic performance, including weight-lifting. L-Citrulline is an amino acid produced naturally in the body and can also boost nitric oxide levels.

Beta-Alanine is harboured for its ability to reduce fatigue. The amino acid helps to regulate acid in the muscles, helping prevent fatigue and increasing the duration of intense exercises before you feel exhausted.

We’ve taken the caffeine out of your morning coffee and shot it into this intense pre-workout infusion to deliver the vitality and concentration that you will need to persevere through a hard-hitting session at the gym. 

Feel the difference with Pandamic Panda:

  • Contagious energy
  • Infectious pump
  • Explosive focus 
  • Fiery performance

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