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Training your hardest means that you need to be fuelled by the best. Enter – Protizyme from Metabolic Nutrition. Due to its exclusive ultra-microfiltration and combined digestive enzyme, Protizyme offers the best bioavailability of protein per scoop than any other product on the market.

No matter what your goals are, protein is an essential part of every balanced nutrition program. Not only is protein necessary for building muscle, it also helps easily satisfy appetite and offers vital nutrients for cellular procedures within the body.

Using only top tier whey protein that has been ultra-micro-filtrated, Protizyme increases the absorption kinetics by spraying the protein particles with specific enzymes, making it easier to digest. To further enhance the nutrient profile, 24 essential vitamins and minerals have been incorporated to improve recovery and absorption. With less bloating, smooth mixing and rapid digestion, you can consume Protizyme any time of the day or before and after your workouts.

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