Creatine - HCL


Creatine is internationally the most researched supplement, right next to whey protein powder.

Creatine is known for its support in improving exercise performance output, increasing muscle mass and cognitive function. Typically coming in a powder form, Repp Sports has taken this renowned supplement and then used the highest quality Creatine – HCL form and manufactured it in an easy to swallow and convienent capsule.

Now reap the benefits of Creatine with ease.

Creatine HCL supports an increase in the production and supply of ATP to working muscle cells. This promotes an increase in muscular energy, helping to avoid lactic acid build-up and allows for longer and more intense training sessions. Creatine HCL also has a much higher bioavailability than standard Creatine Monohydrate, so you can achieve the same results with a lot less product used. The harder you train, the more you gain.

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