SUPER bioFREAK OMG Pre Workout - Global Formula (30 srvs)


SUPER bioFREAK OMG is one pre workout that will take your workouts to levels never seen before! It combines a blend of powerful ingredients to deliver enhanced pumps and focus.

SUPERbio FREAK OMG harnesses an extreme dose of L-Citrulline Malate to enhance blood flow and fill you with the fuel your workout, while providing ample support to your post-workout recovery.

This product is packed with a collage of vitamins and minerals specifically incorporated to provide explosive energy, enhance your endurance and magnify your focus.

Beta-Alanine is integrated to help enhance muscular endurance during short, high-intensity exercise.

This pre-workout intensifier also utilizes Agmatine Sulfate, which is a chemical found in bacteria, plants and animals. It is manufactured from the amino acid known as Arginine and can improve athletic performance.

The benefits we know you’re looking for:

  • May enhance pumps
  • Supports focus 
  • Enhanced recovery
  • No-crash formula


WARNING: This product is very potent. Please assess tolerance by consuming half a scoop.

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