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If you are on the hunt for a potent test booster to increase lean, dry gains, libido, reduce fatigue and get the most out of your training, then we have the perfect product for you.

Warhead from RCN is a force to be reckoned with helping you to be looking and feeling your best. Warhead uses a cocktail of unique ingredients that work synergistically to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Starting with, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (aka Tongkat Ali), which was conventionally used to boost libido. Studied trials have indicated that Tongkat Ali concurrently enhances testosterone and reduces estrogen. As a bonus to anyone trying to conceive, it also increases sperm levels.

Epicatechin, which is thought to be a myostatin blocker. Myostatin is a hormone that is produced by the body to cap muscle growth, so by blocking it out you can increase your muscle growth capabilities. Epicatechin also aids to increase muscle pumps. This particularly combines well with, Pine Bark Extract, that also supports blood flow and works with the Tongkat Ali to help reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

17-dione which is an aromatase inhibitor , most commonly known as Arimistane. This ingredient blocks the conversion of free testosterone into estrogen.

And finally, Smilax Sieboldii, better known as 5a-Laxogenin. This is fantastic for enhancing protein synthesis and reducing cortisol, which in return aids to increase lean muscle growth, strength and recovery, while also aiding in fat loss.

Warhead is your one-stop-shop for a potent testosterone booster and to increase sex drive, energy and muscle growth.

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