WOKE AF Pre Workout - Bucked Up (30 srvs)


With no sugar, no calories, GMP certified AND Keto and Paleo friendly, this pre workout sounds too good to be true. Wrong. Introducing Woke AF Black. This product is not for the new comers, rookies or people who curl in a squat rack. You need to have a deadly strong tolerance to be able to handle this pre workout.

Woke AF Black uses 4 different kinds of stims, mixed with cognitive enhancers and sprinkle in some potent delivery system ingredients and you have a deadly mix. You will be WOKE through anything; intense workouts, midnight shifts or all night studying.

333mg of caffeine to start it off this intense blend. WOKE AF Black also uses Synephrine and Dendrobium. Together, these potent stimulants can boost mood, motivation, focus, and even get that metabolism pumping too. Giving you all the energy you could ask for without making you feel jittery or anxious.

Not only will this hectic formula amplify your workouts, it provides you with long-lasting benefits to keep your system working at optimal levels.

Benefits you can count on:

  • Promotes healthy detoxification
  • Encourages nutrient absorption
  • Energy like you wouldn’t believe
  • Euphoria-level mood
  • May boost metabolism
  • Improved blood flow for splitting pumps
  • Enhanced endurance and stamina
  • Laser focus
  • Hydration and recovery

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